Camping tourism: popular tourism methods for young people


Camping tourism

In 2022, the number of camping searches nationwide increased by 98% month on month on holiday, making camping tourism one of the most popular tourism methods for young people. 

Due to the repeated impact of the epidemic, the current outdoor camping product bookings for the Qingming Festival in 2022 have increased by more than three times year-on-year. Exquisite camping with elements of mountains, nature, and green space has become quite popular during this Qingming Festival trip. The performance of camping tourism products is eye-catching. 

Many travel companies and social platforms have also noticed the eye-catching performance of camping in terms of search volume and product reservation volume when reviewing consumption data during the Qingming holiday. For example, Xiaohongshu data shows that camping search volume increased by 427% year-on-year; According to the hornet nest data, 64% of travelers choose to spend 1-2 days camping, cycling, or hiking around the city; According to Ctrip data, the number of camping product bookings increased more than three times year-on-year. It is worth noting that the "camping craze" is not a new trend in this Tomb Sweeping Day holiday. 

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, long-distance travel has become cold, local travel has increasingly become a travel norm, and camping has gradually moved from minority to daily. According to the data released in the 2022-2027 China's domestic tourism industry market supply and demand and key enterprise investment evaluation and analysis report, from 2014 to 2021, the market size of China's camping camps increased from 7.71 billion yuan to 29.9 billion yuan, with an expected growth rate of 18.6% in 2022 and a market size of 35.46 billion yuan. During the Qingming Festival holiday in 2022, the average travel radius of tourists was 95 kilometers, a year-on-year decrease of 44.9%; The average recreational radius of the destination is 4.9 kilometers, a year-on-year decrease of 60.4%. The average travel distance of tourists has shrunk to within 100 kilometers for the first time, and the recreation radius of the destination has shrunk to within 5 kilometers for the first time. Although the average travel distance of tourists and the recreation radius of the destination have all set historical lows for holidays, we should also note that short trips, trips around the city, and local leisure have still led to an increase in the consumption activity of tourism destinations, which also confirms the statement that there is no force to stop people from yearning for a better tourism and leisure life. When local tours and short trips become the main choices for tourists during the pandemic, camping businesses are also adjusting their business strategies and service content in due course.

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