History of Picnic Tables


Outdoor picnics became popular during the Victorian era. The elegant ladies and gentlemen of the era often brought food to the meadow or meadow. There they spread a blanket on the ground, sat down, and began to eat.

The problem with the blanket concept is that ants and other creepy crawlies often invade picnics, thus ruining the peaceful atmosphere.

The grass is also often wet from dew or rain. This dilutes the experience for everyone involved. Then, there's the matter of comfort.

In 1903 Charles H. Nielsen of Kreischerville, New York stepped up to solve the picnic problem. Nielsen experimented with different designs and came up with an easy-to-port foldable table. His design is based on the X-shaped legs of an 18th-century sawn table, with the table board atop the X-shaped brackets. Then Nelson went with built-in seating. In 1904, he received a patent for a folding picnic table.

Nelson quickly discovered that his picnic table needed improvement. Any weight imbalance will cause the table to collapse! Nelson quickly figured out a way to fix the tip-over flaw in his original design. He added braces to his structure to fix it.

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In 1918, Harold R. Basford improved on Nielsen's original picnic table design. With the popularization of automobiles, more and more families go out of the city to have a picnic in the countryside. Today, a simplified version of Nielsen and Basford's table design is used in most state and national parks.

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