Strategy for ritualistic urban camping travel!


       Not wait, travel in 2022! Here is the strategy for ritualistic urban camping travel!

In 2021, time seems to be set in airplane mode,

Inadvertently came back to find that it has been pushing us for a long time.

In 2021, we lost a lot of travel opportunities,

But time has also taught us a lot.

Interesting travel, and an excellent life, are not waiting to come. If you want to camp or travel, act immediately and create your own excitement.

Strategy for ritualistic urban camping travel!

Camping by the sea, accompanied by the sound of the waves.

I love the sea, this healing blue. Blowing the sea breeze, listening to the waves, and facing the sea with friends is a great enjoyment in life.

There are many parks in the seaside city that are very good camping options

Strategy for ritualistic urban camping travel!

Camping in the mountains, emptying out in nature.

Camping in the mountains in Hoshino, next to nature. During the day, enjoy the leisure time by blowing the wind on the lawn; at night, feel the beauty of the mountains and stars.

The most comfortable thing is to lie down in a daze, make tea, dance around the bonfire and share food with friends, and feel the joy of nature in the mountains. This is the romance of a group of people camping!

Strategy for ritualistic urban camping travel!

Camping in popular spot, the city can also be very wild.

If you can't go far, camping in the campsites planned in the city's parks, the family can also feel happy.

Can't wait! In today's cities, there are many Internet celebrity camping sites, such as rooftop camping, where tents are set up on the rooftops of the city to minimize distance and time costs and enjoy the fun of camping.

Strategy for ritualistic urban camping travel!

We've sorted it out for you,

Bring these good things, and the sense of ritual is directly full.

1. Folding & portable chairs

Set up a tent or a canopy, and add a set of egg roll tables and portable chairs, which is not only convenient for storage, but also can put a lot of things for eating and playing.

Strategy for ritualistic urban camping travel!

2. Tent & String Lights

The most beautiful time for camping is in the evening, when the setting sun reflects the red sky, and the string lights on the edge of the tent create a romantic and comfortable atmosphere. You can bring retro horse lanterns, decorate tents and sky screens, and take selfies with soft light beauty.

Strategy for ritualistic urban camping travel!

The epidemic has come and gone, and we have lost a lot in the past few years, and also left some regrets. What is lost cannot be recovered, but what really belongs to us cannot be taken away by anyone.

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