"Camping+Catering" has Become a New Trend in Outdoor Consumption


"Camping+Catering" has become a new trend in outdoor consumption, and the pot circle has helped to increase the unit price of camping hosts and guests by 50%

Market data also shows that the news of "fully booked camping" and "explosive increase in camping equipment search volume" indicates that the industry is doing well, and the camping heat is also returning with the warming weather.

Currently, relying solely on experiential camping services is no longer sufficient to meet user needs, and it is necessary to continuously bring freshness to users through multiple forms of content overlay. From a commercial perspective, this also means an increase in the carrying capacity of the campsite and a rise in the profit ceiling. For example, in terms of "camping+catering", campers should choose standardized, cost-effective, and safe camping and catering supply chain products from major brands. This can not only meet the dining needs of consumers, enhance the stickiness and repurchase of camping interest groups, but also help campers generate income and achieve diversified and sustainable operations.

Camping New Trend

With the increasing emphasis on health, leisure and entertainment among the people, camping has gradually integrated into people's daily lives and become an emerging way of life. For "camping+dining", it may no longer just stay at the simple "camping style" level of the scene, but become a "characteristic experience part" of the entire camping life experience. Perhaps one day, people will no longer go camping just for the sake of nature, but will go to a certain camping site because of brand cuisine and nature.

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