Prediction of Future Camping Trends in 2024


Prediction of Future Camping Trends in 2024

Some camping groups that started during COVID-19 will resume their previous travel patterns and remain optimistic about future camping. In contrast, earlier camping groups hoped to reopen their previous forms of camping or add a series of new experiences to their travels.

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Camping travelers can choose from different types of accommodation, outdoor services, and campsite facilities, providing opportunities to get close to nature and having a vacation that allows them to go home at any time.

The flexibility provided by camping and outdoor activities means that even for those with limited budgets, paid vacation (or worry about vacation), limited equipment (or none), or special circumstances, camping can still be chosen.

In addition, over the past three years, with the impact of the work environment, employees have now gained greater flexibility in their work methods and locations. During COVID-19, many professionals are encouraged to enter remote or mixed work environments, which allows them to have more time to leave the office and spend more time outdoors.

Among remote workers, there are a large number of outdoor camping travelers who consider camping as a way of traveling while still maintaining a connection with work and career.

Camping can balance entertainment and work

Over time, more and more campers are working while camping, especially among Canadian campers. The ability of campers to work mobile has improved in terms of relevance and has had a significant impact on the number of days people can stay each year.

The impact of Wi Fi on people's ability to camp continues to grow. Since 2017, in a stable growth trend, respondents have reported a 19 percentage point increase in the number of people who have a significant impact of having Wi Fi on their ability to camp more frequently.


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